Types of Swimming
Pools in Kissimmee, FL

Swimming Pool Types

Swimming pools in Kissimmee, FL are typically defined as “above ground” or “in-ground” and then by the type of material they are constructed from. Your selection of a pool type will depend on your budget, your section/pool site area, how quickly you want it installed and personal tastes.

Kissimmee Concrete Swimming Pools

A concrete pool is a completely customized swimming pool solution. It can be placed virtually anywhere and give you unlimited design possibilities. You can choose the size, shape and depth, and add features such as vanishing edges, steps, beach entries, rockeries and much more. Finishing options include ceramic tiles, natural pebble, colored quartz, epoxy resin paints, vinyl lining and a range of other finishes.

Kissimmee Fiberglass Composite Swimming Pools:

Fiberglass composite pools come in a varied range of styles, shapes, sizes, colors and finishes. they are quick and easy to install and perfect for hard to access areas. Some fiberglass pools have the options of water features, in-floor cleaning or in-built spa pools.

Above Ground Swimming Pools:

With the advancements in swimming pool manufacturing, you can enjoy all the lifestyle benefits of a swimming pool even if you are on a budget or don’t own a house. Above ground pools can either be manufactured from fiberglass composites, or vinyl lined, they also come in a range of styles and colors. Because the are pre-fabricated they take minimal time to install and can be taken with you if you decide to move.

Vinyl Liner Pools:

A vinyl-lined pool is a popular and cost-effective option. The vinyl lining is usually tailor-made to suit the size and shape of your swimming pool. Modern vinyl lined pools can have concrete, plastic or steel walls.

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