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In some areas, pool screens are a must-have backyard item. They might be the optimal solution you are looking for. They come with many benefits, being an excellent investment for you and for your home. Here, at Kissimmee Pool Pros, we are your local experts in pool screen installation. Our company also provides Kissimmee pool screen replacement and pool remodeling services. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today if you need a pool screen installation, we’ll be able to handle it just fine.

A pool screen, as the name suggest, is just a structure that encloses a pool. There are two main types of pool screens: glass and cages. Pool screens have been used for many years, but over time some things have changed. The overall look, structure and design of pool screens is changing. Of course, some homeowners still have the bulky structure, but now there are available some very sleek looking pool screens.

During The Summer

Especially during the long hot months of summer, you surely love all the cooling recreational opportunities your pool offers to your family. However, the heat and humidity are often accompanied by all those bugs that you hate. An on those hot summer afternoons, you also hate all that direct sunlight that can be so harsh, especially on skin and eyes.

Pool Screen Replacement

Pool screens are most popular in those areas affected by a combination of the bugs, the sun and the climate. Here are the main benefits of a new pool screen installation in Kissimmee, FL:

Kissimmee Pool Screens Provide More Shade

When you install a pool screen you can skip putting on the sunscreen. The screen still allows sunlight in, of course, but the shade minimizes the risks of UV exposure and makes staying in the pool more pleasant. Another advantage of sun protection for the pool is the fact that it extends the life of the chlorine applied in the pool water.

Screens Keep Bugs Away

Water bugs, mosquitos, spiders, bees, wasps, beetles and even mice, snakes, frogs and lizards make cleaning pools a tedious job. Sometimes it may happen that even larger animals like dogs, cats, squirrels and raccoons find their way into residential pools.

Pool Screen Installers Will Keep Debris Out

The constant debris falling into the pool is the second worst thing about cleaning pools. Buds, flowers, leaves, pine cones, pine needles, grass clippings, mulch, dirt, and more can litter your pool. They must all be cleaned out and the task will take a while. Blocking out debris is the best way to keep them out of your pool. Falling debris is deterred, as a screen includes a roof and walls. The designs of pool screens may vary. Some are designed with flat roofs, other with dome tops.

Pool Screens Facilitates Pool Cleaning in Kissimmee

As they keep debris and bugs out of the pool, pool screens make pool cleaning much easier. When you have a pool screen installed, your pool cleaning system will work better.

Different Design Styles Available

There are many design options of pool screens available on the market. You can also get creative and completely customize your pool screen based on your needs and what design would look best.

By installing a screen on your swimming pool you have the guarantee that you’ll be able to enjoy the company of family and friends while keeping away uninvited guests such as bugs or disease-carrying mosquitos. A screen pool creates a private zone for your family and friends to enjoy your pool.

Poll Screen Installation

Your screen pool enclosure can be specifically designed in order to match the architecture of your house and get integrated into the rest of the home. Aside of Kissimmee pool screen installation, the Kissimmee Pool Pros can also perform many supplemental services for pool enclosures, including gutter installation and repair. Among our specialized services are included:

✔︎ Kissimmee Pool Repair
✔︎ Pool Resurfacing
✔︎ Pool Pump Repair
✔︎ Pool Cleaning
✔︎ Kissimmee Pool Inspection
✔︎ Pool Weekly Maintenance
✔︎ Kissimmee Pool Remodeling

e also offer storm damage repair so you can get back to enjoying the weather and opening your pool quickly. Never has been easier to get your pool screen repair project started. If you want services performed by a company with extensive experience on the market that takes great pride on professionalism, quality of work, and courtesy, then give us a call now and get a free quote.

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