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Why Pool Deck Painting is Necessary?

Most pool decks are finished with cement-like top coat that is colored in order to make it look more attractive. Using stampcrete is also another way of finishing a pool deck. In the stampcrete method, a template is used in order to create an impression on the wet concrete. The surface is then covered with a coating of deck paint. However you end up performing this service, you Kissimmee Pool Painting project need professionals.

Though deck paint is designed to withstand being exposed to the weather, pool water, and to people walking all over it, it is bound to fade over time. Every few years you will have to get your pool deck repainted.

Steps in Kissimmee Pool Deck Painting

When you hire service providers like KissimmeePool Pros to get your deck pool repainted, they would follow a few steps in order to get the job done, we’ll list them below for you.

Pool Deck Painting Services in Kissimmee, Florida

01 // Choosing the Color

This would be totally up to you. Would you want to match the color of the faded coating or do
you want something new? Along with choosing the color of the paint which will be used, you will also be asked to choose the kind of paint. Acrylic deck paints can be applied to moist decks. You can also choose to use epoxy paints, but these require that the surface be thoroughly dried before it can be applied. When it comes to the colors, white is best for indoor pools. If you are concerned with algae growing and showing on your deck, then go for a darker shade. Think about this: there is no right or wrong, but what you feel comfortable with.

02 // Getting the Deck Ready

To get the deck ready, you’ll need the services of the top pool cleaners in Kissimmee because the surface should be cleaned thoroughly. Professional cleaners will use the following in preparing the deck:

✔︎ Pressure Washer
✔︎ Tri Sodium Phosphate
✔︎ Muriatic Acid or Sulfamic Acid

After pressure washing the surface, they will mix Tri Sodium Phosphate with water and use it
to treat the surface so it can be degreased. If the deck surface is too smooth then they will use Muriatic Acid or Sulfamic in order to etch it.

Man painting pool deck in Kissimmee FL

03 // Kissimmee Pool Deck Painting Action

The most important part of the procedure is the actual painting of the deck. Only the top Kissimmee pool service providers should be contracted for this kind of job because it’s easy to make a mistake here if the personnel are inexperienced. Sprayers can be used in the application of the paint, but professionals know that for best results, a low nap roller is needed. A roller will prevent puddling when dealing with textured surfaces.

Usually, a 5-gallon bucket that’s equipped with a paint screen is used because it is a lot
easier to move around the deck area with it, compared with when using a tray. If you have coping stones, it is usually best not to have these repainted and most experienced Kissimmee pool service providers will tell you so. Just have the stones cleaned with the pressure washer.

04 // For Safety Around the Pool Painting Project

Sometimes the deck can be really slippery. There’s a real danger of people slipping and
hurting themselves. There are some things that you can ask the Kissimmee pool maintenance personnel to do when they are repainting your deck to ensure the safety of the pool users.

One thing that they can do is to add granular grit to the coating. The granular grit would add slip resistance so the people walking on your deck would be a lot safer.

Experienced pool maintenance contractors would know that the grit should be mixed thoroughly so it does not end up settling to the bottom of the mix and that it has to be
stirred constantly during the painting process.

05 // Important Tip: Keep the Pets Away

Now, professional Kissimmee pool deck painting service provider will know everything that needs to be done to give your deck a new coat of paint. It’s up to you to make sure, if you have any cats or dogs, to keep your pets away from the deck surface while the work is ongoing or while the paint is drying.

That’s the process that will be followed when you hire Kissimmee pool repair and maintenance professionals, like Kissimmee Pool Pros, to get you pool deck repainted.

It may look easy when you watch them at work but just try doing it on your own and you’ll realize why people rely on professionals for this kind of task.

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